Welcome To Hells Gate Gaming, we are an Australian, New Zealand and American team of mature friends who enjoy online racing, fps and rts games, so join us on TeamSpeak and in-game for some good old gaming and laughs. Note, we do not tolerate hacking/cheating nor the use of abusive/degrading language.  

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Latest Message: 1 week, 4 days ago
  • HGG-DeltaSie : Remember Friday Fight Night? We're bringing it back! ... On a thursday night :P 7pm tonight, search: [HGG]
  • HGG-DeltaSie : Have a good trip.
  • HGG-captin50 : From Friday 15th August 11PM that is.
  • HGG-captin50 : I am leaving to Europe for 6 weeks, so I will see you guys when I get back.
  • HGG-DeltaSie : Altis Life server has been released. Filter: HGG
  • HGG-RuNNeR : Hey Guys, I know that you banned my Brother on TS but i cannot connect, can u see if it was a IP? Or am i ment to be banned now aswell?
  • HGG-Satta : Id like to announce the launch of our Overpoch server. Search for HGG inside Arma2 OA or check out the forum post inside for more details! Get your PvP on!!!
  • HGG-Redskins : I'm going to be leaving for 3 weeks starting the morning of July 4 in the USA. See you in 21 days
  • HGG Beer : can the admins and member please read the new post about the admin roles, thanks
  • HGG TISM : See you next tuesday suckers!
  • HGG-DeltaSie : No mods needed. Just open Arma 2: OA and search for HellsGateGaming, enjoy!
  • Dylan : How do i join a taki life server
  • Dylan : How do i join the taki life server do i need mods for it?
  • Nick : life server down again?
  • Charax : Thanks Delta!
  • HGG-DeltaSie : Today our Takistan Life server was brought down for maintainance, and the ping players were experiencing when joining has been fixed.
  • Nick : what happened to the taki life server?
  • Liam : ALSO any time an indi kills someone they lose their drivers license?????
  • Liam : Being an indi needs to be fixed on taki life, Needing to buy drivers licenses for APCs is silly and always losing massive amounts of money fromt he bank robberies which i can do nothing about because of the instant nature of them and theres no insurance
  • HGG-DeltaSie : Don't worry about it Tim, it was a simple question that I felt was needed to be asked at the time of the server expeiencing a script kiddy, that's all. May have been an issue on our end.

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Admin Announcement

Testers wanted
05 Jun 2013 11:51

HGG-Mason is looking for debug testers for his latest program. FORUM POST

HGG Warefare
04 Jun 2013 09:43

We have decided to Design our own Arma 2 Warefare mission follow the forum HERE

New Version of life is now up and running
21 Feb 2013 19:11

HGG_Life_v1.3.Takistan will be up and running as of tomorrow . 

-new police vehicle skin and som [ ... ]

Arma 2 Co-oP battle night
24 Jan 2013 14:03

We are going to start to play a weekly Orginised CooP Arma battle once a week details to come soon!! [ ... ]

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