Global Rules

1. No recruiting or advertising of your clan on our server.
2. Respect other players.
3. Respect Admins and their decisions. Admin decisions are final.
4. Complaints and issues should be directed to our complaints section on
5. Exploits/glitches are not to be taken advantage of.
6. Language - foul or abusive language will not be tolerated including racist and sexually slander. While we run a fun and friendly server, some banter is accepted but offensive behaviour will not be tolerated.
7. No votekicks or map changes while admin is present - check if admin present before initiating votes.
8. Do not intentionally TK (team kill).
9. Objectives must be attempted.
10. We are recruiting mature members.
11.No destruction of friendly equipment.

Ban Appleals


Rule breaking
Verbal warning from a admin.
Kick from game, with the reason why.
Breaking rules again 1 week or more ban.
Breaking rules again permanent ban.

Insta-ban given to hacker or anyone deemed to be suspicious.

You can apply for the ban to be removed by going to the and going to the server section and ban appeal.
do not lie, or waste our time, this process can take up to a week to verify the logs.


Admin Code Of Conduct.

Admins are here to help, not be baby sitters.
Admin must act mature and be respectful but we are not here to take abuse.
Admins must record reason for bans in the server admin section.
Do not bring personal problems in the servers, if you have a problem get another admin to help out
Admins must follow the kick\ban rules.